A “Big Hello” from Michael J. Monaghan

Dino – Man’s Best Friend
Dino – Man’s Best Friend

Passions and Hobbies are more often than not, one and the same. Located Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

My interests include Martial Arts. In particular the Internal Arts of Chinese Kung Fu.

I practice versions of three of the styles/forms of the Four Internal Arts comprised of Hsing-I, Hsi-I, Tai-Chi and Pa Kua. Many Pa Kua moves are incorporated within my forms from various Pa Kua masters even though I do not practice this style of these arts.

As well, I have been influenced greatly by The Northern School represented by Lungman sect of Complete Reality Taoism and the various sects of Huashan system including the Hsien-t’ien (Earlier Heaven Wu-Chi) sect. My last teacher descended from the Earlier Heaven Wu-Chi sect.

So from one flow to the next flow. Energy work and music are a flow that work together to nourish the spirit.

From Home Audio to Home Theater, Fine Dining to creating a satisfying experience that soothes our senses is the desired goal.

It’s important to have balance in life and nurture our souls and step away from the constant rush of life.

Our purpose in Life is to be happy! Nothing More and Nothing Less – Just Be.

Oh yeah, I have a dog and like Stereo Equipment.


Michael J. Monaghan